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Stamford Eats is a marketplace designed exclusively for our local community. Unlike larger, more generalised platforms, we prioritise the promotion of local businesses and the understanding of our area's unique requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the membership fees, and what commission rate do I need to pay?

Our fee structure is designed to be competitive and sustainable for restaurants. There is no joining fee to join Stamford Eats and we provide you with a free POS printer hardware for receiving orders. We charge a modest commission on orders, which is often lower than larger platforms. This fee structure is designed to grow with your success; as your orders and revenue increase, so do our efforts to support and market your business. There are no hidden costs, and we maintain transparency about all fees involved.
There is also an admin charge for all Stamford Eats orders which is paid by the customer.

Is there a contract or minimum commitment period?

There is no long-term contract or minimum commitment period. Our goal is to build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship based on your satisfaction with our service.

How do I manage orders from Stamford Eats?

Once your restaurant is live on Stamford Eats, managing orders is straightforward. You will receive notifications for new orders through our app interface via the POS printer hardware. Here, you can review each order's details, accept it, and indicate the estimated order time. As you prepare the order, you can update its status. If you provide self-delivery once ready and your driver is making the delivery you can mark the order status as “on its way” and this will promptly notify the awaiting customer.
If you outsource the delivery to us a delivery partner will be notified to pick it up based on the estimated preparation time you set. Our app also allows you to track the delivery status, ensuring you're informed when the order is delivered to the customer.

Is there a risk of my restaurant being overshadowed by larger chains on the app?

Absolutely not. We’re committed to fair representation for all our partners. We ensure that independent restaurants have equal visibility and marketing opportunities as larger chains.

Will I have control over the menu items and prices listed on the app?

Certainly! Upon joining Stamford Eats, you'll gain access to a dashboard where you can update your menu pricing, changes will reflect on all platforms.

Can I create coupon codes for my customers?

Yes - you can accomplish this either through the admin dashboard or by reaching out to our support team. The advantage of our discount code feature is that you can tailor them to expire on a specific date for optimal usage or limit them to one-time use only.

How long does it take to set up and see results from joining?

Setting up on our platform is quick and straightforward, often taking just a few days. While the time to see increased order volumes can vary, many of our partners begin to see results within a few weeks of joining.